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Ah…and my laziness finally returns to me. At the worst possible moment. Just a few days before I start my venture through the exam hell and back. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it has more to do with my health than my non existent ambition to do something. (physically, If my mental state can be saved is still debatable xD). Those are as well the reasons  why I can’t update that often anymore (besides the fact that there are no new games to “review”)

I just wanted to say that I really don’t care about “game politics” and try to keep my head out of those topics. Why? Simply, because there are so many people who talk and write and discuss these topics to the gaming hell and back that I see no reason to talk about it. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m still interested in the debate, but…Let’s say there are some things that I can’t stomach anymore like the “Video Violence”- discussion. It literally makes my eyes twitch with annoyance and this can’t be good for health.

Naturally, I have heard the whole Ps 4 vs. Xbox One thing and although I don’t meddle with this whole affair of console wars…From the neutraI point of view, I have to say…Wow.

Not wow, what games!
Not wow, what graphics!
But WOW what an one-sided slaughter that was!

No offense to the people who like the Xbox, but that was…a rather one sided matter.  It’s a pity that the Xbox had to take such a blow. (or not. I won’t lie, I’m a sadistic person. Every Crub-stomp-battle in such matters makes me smile with delight, but… there is always a next generation, so as long as Microsoft is still in business and learns from mistakes, there is no need to worry)  But that is just my thought to that, more important is the fact what I’m doing next.

Well, I, maybe, analyse Pandora’s Tower and the Neverwinter Nights series and maybe, just maybe, give some food for thought about game stories and stories in general. And just maybe I’m going to say something about “Games as Art”-thing (but you know that is more a game politics matter, so…I. Must. Resist.) Don’t worry, for those topics I’m more serious…well, just a little bit.

For the rest…I wish a good hunting session and till next time.

P.S. I have to apologize for the Remember Me review…I don’t think it was as good as the others…

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