Just a (*cough*) short (*cough*) Indroduction for this Blog

Another side for Game reviews, right? Yes and no.

Yes, it is about games.

No, I don’t think I’m objective enough to write a good neutral review  and flesh out pro and cons to prove why a game is good and why not. It’s all a matter of taste (and a matter of how broken a game is  and can be in different aspects, mainly through bugs and plotholes).

Why can’t I be objective? Simple, my dark, sarcastic humor is at fault. I can’t write something without poking fun at anything, even when it is an overall good game. So, consider yourself warned at this point.

It’s my impression that I would like share, not something that tries to judge a game from a neutral perspective.

Naturally, I will try (and hopefully succeed) to draw a more or less overall acceptable conclusion at the end if the game is worth the money or not. (Even if I poke fun at things, doesn’t mean that it is bad)

The main point is that is blog is for your and my personal amusement

For all who have read to this point…I would gladly give you a cookie…if this wasn’t the internet and teleportation wasn’t invented yet. My deepest apologizes, but I hope the thought counts in that matter.

But back to the games.

What will I “review” (or more comment on)?

Pc/Ps3/Wii/Psp/Psp Vita/ 3DS/DS…I’m sorry, I don’t own a Xbox and before you start to flame me for being a Ps3 lover…I’m not. I don’t really care about this whole Ps3 vs Xbox thing. And no, I don’t have a WiiU (I don’t know if it is worth the money yet.)

Everything. (besides first person shooters and MMOrpgs. I make exceptions, but normally I don’t touch these sorts of games.)

What do I appreciate in games? (based on personal opinion, really)

  • A good storyline
    I have some experience in the writing department (although in other languages and I consider myself still an amateur). And, I love good stories and loathe bland ones (yes, I’m looking at you, Twilight. I still can’t understand, why you were/are so popular). Of course, that is one big point that is based on the personal opinion and I won’t critice the whole “Chosen One” thing  too much, if there are Characters that are memoriable and fleshed out and there is at least some plausible plot to it.
  • Atmosphere 
    The story doesn’t need to be over the top complicated. Simple things like the right background music and darkness can do the trick too. As for example in Horror games…or at least how they should be in my opinion.  It is dark,  you hear footsteps going in your direction and you know, you are out of bullets and can’t defend yourself. If you have a particular nasty feeling that you are maybe scared…then the atmosphere is good for me.
  • Game mechanics
    Story and atmosphere is one thing, but if you can’t play it, because the mechanics are too flawed…Yeah, It kills the fun. (And rises the temptation to throw your companion AI/controller/Handeheld out of the window or….a cliff…whatever is available which promises a painful death.)
  • Graphics
    I will be honest with this one. I don’t really care about graphics, if the points above are good. Of course, if it doesn’t look bad, I will mention it, but it won’t have an overall impact on my opinion of a game.

Although I don’t believe that this blog will ever have viewers or something like that, I appreciate your opinion and would be glad to get some feedback on what I write.


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