Destiny – Just musings/monologue of a MMORPG and FPS Newbie

10 Sep


Warning: Can contain swearing and is totally and absolutely subjective and more a monologue. 

Somewhere I mentioned that I don’t play FPS and MMORPG. 

And somehow I still bought Destiny. 

Not because I was hyped, not because I was interested, not because I like the genre or to find out what this hype was all about. To be honest, I didn’t care about the game, I didn’t care about the footage, I didn’t even see the trailer or anything else. I knew it was a FPS, I knew there was a hype and for god’s sake…I was tired of the advertising of this being like the new Messiah of new game consoles.(*cough* yeah sure.)

In the end, I just decided to ignore it as far as I could.

Then suddenly, just for one freaking day, I was in a particular good “let’s try new things”-mood and then it just happened to be the release date of destiny. I walked into the game store (of which I am a regular) like usual, saw it and then…my mindset changed from “I shouldn’t buy the game I know nothing about” to “Ah, why the hell not?”

I know that is hard to believe, but it was still priceless to see the shop assistant go: “You are buying Destiny of all people?!” Somewhere along the line I just might have said something that he should just shut up and take the goddamn money to spare the humiliation that I was about to betray my own principles of not playing such games. (Not that I damn people who like those games, god forbid. Everybody should play what they like. Not my business, really.)

Back to topic. I now had the game in my hands and while it started up, I still asked myself what the hell I was doing there. Then cutscene, character creation, tutorial, nothing special, nothing mindblowing. I played a few missions, fooled a little bit around…

Is it revolutionary with things we have never seen? No.

Is it the messiah of the next gen consoles we all were promised? Hahaha…Hell no.

But more importantely, is it fun? Yeah. Surprisingly…somehow…yeah.

Before some of you might start to rage how such a game with a medicore story and nothing new can actually be fun. Just let me explain. What might help a bit is that I didn’t have any expectation and more importantly, I don’t believe in the hype around it.  It’s the first game of that kind which I have touched in a long…long…LONG time. I played CoD in the past and that not very long because I suck at it (really, I do), I tried to somehow get into this whole MMORPG thing a few times without success. (That being…just becoming bored of it and leave it be after two weeks.)

Although I was not amused by the always online feature (my internet connection has suicidial tendencies), I still give it a try. What I can remember from my old days, MMORPG aren’t there to tell a magnificent story full of intrigue and a threat of a magnitude we can’t grasp…Although…a Game of Thrones MMORPG would be quite nice. People can stab and backstab each other there over opinions and ressources all they want. Sounds nice to me.

The game itself isn’t overly complicated. When it moves, shoot it. (the variety comes with “With what do I shoot it?”). The missions are repeating itself. Collect, kill, scan, repeat. The story (as far as I have seen) is nothing out of ordinary. But the gameplay works without trouble.  

At first, I played alone (…yeah…Playing alone. An MMO), trying out the features, found nothing really outstanding besides the graphics and nice design. Then I was about to slap myself for just having donated my money to the video game industry and then I got an E-mail from a friend “Just got Destiny.”. I asked if he wanted to play with me. After I got another earful about what the hell got into me to buy such a game, he agreed.

And this is where it got actually fun. We spoke over team chat, we made a few missions (died a few times); leveld up and then took on the very first “dungeon”. We made it on the first try without teamwipe and after the last boss exploded, it was not an euphoric feeling, but a fun experience. Of course this can change if you have somebody who is acting like a total spoilsport in the party.

That is the strong point and the only reason I would play an MMORPG or anything online. To enjoy and playing a game with other people. Of course I could say the story is…really average, but then again, I wouldn’t really play an MMORPG for story, just like I wouldn’t play Monster Hunter for story. I would play it for the gameplay and mechanics.

It is nothing special, just a FPS, in space with a taste of halo and it happens to be an MMO. Well, the graphics and some designs are pretty, I guess. Everytimes I  hear a “new innovation” or the “next generation”, I just pretend that I didn’t hear it. That way I don’t get expectation and am pretty save from disappointments. (It’s advertising…They wouldn’t sell much, if they would just bluntly tell the truth).

Mayber, just maybe after a long time, maybe I just learn to enjoy and have fun with games again, instead of just buying it, spend time with and say “Yeah…okay…Was nice.” or not having so many things I personally would have liked but which wouldn’t work out in a long run.

Since they would be unrealistic and would highly depend on taste. To say this is so cliche, that was there so, so many times, yeah, well it was. I can still enjoy a story if I get invested in the characters around it, although I know what will happen.

This game is no different. Of course I don’t like repeatable quests or a bland story, but as long as I can enjoy the gameplay, I think its alright.

It’s not broken, it works, it just isn’t the Messiah many people hoped it would be. But maybe it is just my impression. Maybe I will go in depth with those points and make a full blown (some sort) of review of it, or just make some posts about things which I have encountered in Destiny…We will see. For me it is just fun to play with other people and that is what a game should be about.

Or maybe I’m already so desperate that I want to enjoy a game that works and has almost no gameplay flaws.



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