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Yes, still alive…I think.

At least, I still have a pulse *checks it again*…A little bit faint but yeah, I have one. Reasons for my absence…were traveling without laptop, work and other inconveniences (for example, I have to search for a new apartment).

I still have to finish my nostalgia review about Neverwinter Nights. Then, I will move on with Vanillaware-Games like Odin’s Sphere (Ps2) Muramasa Rebirth (Ps Vita) and maybe later Dragon’s Crown (depends on when I get the game)

Additionally, I will do something like a little…let’s say, writing challenge. For one word a one shot. (I need the practice…) Maybe, I don’t know.

A nice hunt to all of you

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Posted by on August 15, 2013 in Just Updates